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Can Pay Gap Analysis be the driver of equal opportunities in the workplace?

The unjustified pay gap between men and women is still present, and it seems that it will not go away without some focused efforts. Although countless studies and reports show that the gap is there, many still do not believe it impacts their own organisation. The EU Commission is increasingly communicating that the issue must be addressed. Some countries have begun the journey and have insights to share. Data analysis to determine the gap and structured implementation of measures to close the gap is increasingly used.

Dr Margrét Vilborg Bjarnadóttir will participate in this important event on the 29 June.

California Pay Data Reporting

California Pay Data Reporting

California Pay Data Reporting (SB 973) requires large employers to report pay and specific other data to the DFEH (Department of Fair Employment and Housing) by March 31, 2021, and annually after that.

Viðurkenningarathöfn vegna alþjóðlegrar jafnlaunavottunar

Þann 17. mars nk. verða í fyrsta sinn í sögunni veitt verðlaun fyrir árangur í alþjóðlegri jafnlaunavottun, Universal Fair Pay Check. Þessi alþjóðlega vottun felur í sér að árangur í jafnlaunamálum er borinn saman á samræmdan hátt milli fyrirtækja í ólíkum löndum.

Consulta la conferencia que realizó Laura Bayés Sánchez sobre cómo PayAnalytics proporciona las medidas necesarias para la nueva legislación española

En la conferencia se analiza la nueva situación laboral que la publicación del Real Decreto 901/2020 y 902/2020 del 13 de octubre dejará en las empresas españolas. Así mismo, se examinan los problemas que derivan de estas normativas y la manera en la que PayAnalytics los aborda y proporciona soluciones rápidas, eficaces y sencillas.

Companies in Spain are now obligated to take action to ensure equal pay for work of equal value

Companies in Spain are now obligated to take action to ensure equal pay for work of equal value. DireACTIVAS, one of our partners in Spain, wrote an article (in Spanish) on the new legislation and the potential impact it will have on equality in Spain. We are happy to assist Spanish companies in fulfilling the requirements of the new legislation - and our solution is of course also in Spanish!

Margrét Bjarnadóttir will participate in a Reykjavik Global Forum 2020 digital session

Come and join us virtually for a conversation about equal pay: the fast changing legislation around the world, the role of analysis and data driven decision support, the equal pay journey and key levers to drive change - all packed into 90 minutes.

Margrét Bjarnadóttir from PayAnalytics will participate in a Reykjavik Global Forum 2020 digital session on Wednesday 11th November 09:30 UTC.

The name of the event is A Fair Diagnosis: It’s time to close the wage gap - FPI Lab and you can register using the registration link below.

Margret Bjarnadottir wrote for Ms. Magazine: We’re Not Waiting 200 Years to Close the Gender Pay Gap

The World Economic Forum estimates that it will take over 200 years to close the gender pay gap. No one should have the patience to wait that long. How can we accelerate change? The answer may lay in data and models with a good dose of transparency.

The journey starts with gathering the data and understanding the pay structure. Then companies move on to identifying areas for improvement and eliminating unexplained demographic pay gaps through corrective action—in other words, ensuring equal pay for equal work.

Viðtal við Víði Ragnarsson í hlaðvarpsþættinum Á Mannauðsmáli

Unnur Helgadóttir stjórnandi þáttarins á Mannauðsmáli tekur í sjöunda þætti þáttarins viðtal við Víðir Ragnarsson hjá Orkuveitu Reykjavíkur. Víðir er sérfræðingur í viðskiptagreind á mannauðssviði OR. Víðir fer meðal annars yfir það hvernig Orkuveitunni tókst að eyða launabili kynjanna og hvað þarf til að halda stöðunni þannig.

42% of organizations are planning for pay equity adjustments in 2020

42% of organizations are planning for pay equity adjustments in 2020 according to the recently published @WorldatWork 2019-2020 Salary Budget Survey. Is yours one of them? PayAnalytics can help. Our customers use PayAnalytics to assist them in every step on the way towards a transparent and fair pay structure. Our software solution recommends individual raises to close the gap, quickly detects outliers, gives an overview of the cost to help with the budgeting, and so much more.

Að beita gagnadrifnum aðferðum til að loka launabilum | grein fyrir insideBIGDATA

Margrét Vilborg Bjarnadóttir (@mvilborg2) stofnandi @payanalytics skrifaði gestagrein í @insideBigData um hvernig eigi að beita gagnadrifnum aðferðum til að loka launabilum. #PayGaps

"Demographic pay gaps, including the gender pay gap, are the result of more complex factors than just a desire to minimize payroll expenses. They stem from unconscious biases and processes that are better suited to one group compared to another. And, as multiple executives have found out, good intentions and “mindfulness” are not enough to eliminate the gaps."

Why Companies' Attempts to Close the Gender Pay Gap Often Fail

PayAnalytics co-founders David Anderson and Margrét V. Bjarnadóttir wrote an article together with Cristian Dezso and David Gaddis Ross for Harvard Business Review about closing the gender pay gap.

Gender pay equity has become a big point of contention at many companies. Not only have politicians and other public figures spoken out against the gender pay gap, but there has also been a rising tide of high profile lawsuits targeting major employers, most notably in the U.S., with all the bad publicity and financial liability they entail.